Our Work

What we do

Our collaborative approach to research aims to:

  • Enhance the neuroscience research system

    We strive to create stronger connectivity within the research community and across institutions. We have created and continue to develop a data-sharing platform to accelerate collaborative research discovery. We also work to enable better integration of research with small to large companies and patient communities.

  • Grow the neurotech cluster

    We strive to boost Ontario's economy by fostering the neurotechnology industry. This means increasing the number of Ontario-based companies related to neuroscience, increasing investment in neurotech companies, and creating opportunities in the neurotechnlogy sector.

  • Improve brain health for Ontarians

    We run a wide-range of activities, events, and programs to enable faster translation of research to treatment and tools; enhance patient care through evidence-based practice; and create better public access to reliable information about brain research, brain disorders, tools and treatments.

How we do it

Our goal is to improve the lives of Ontarians living with a brain disorder. We create seamless connections between research discovery, patient care and commercialization. We do this by connecting researchers, patients, companies, and policy makers. 

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